What are CoughDrop's Communication Profiles?

CoughDrop aims to encourage not just AAC communicators but communication partners as well.  As part of that focus, we have created a Communication Partner Profile built into the CoughDrop app to help communication partners evaluate their own behaviors while also encouraging communicators.

Communication Profiles are evaluation tools that can be used to assess or monitor a user's communication development. Profiles can target communicators or the people who work with them, and can be run multiple times. They can help with deciding on appropriate goals for a user and can help teams coordinate on effective strategies for support.


Communication Profiles can help users, supporters, and teams expand their communication understanding and better support each other as they grow together with AAC.  

Run a Communication Profile in Your Account

To run a communication partner profile, open CoughDrop and navigate to your account page.  There hit the communication profile button.  If you have previously completed a profile, you will see the results here.  To start a new profile, hit “run” or “repeat” (depending on whether you have completed a previous profile assessment).



Read the simple instructions and then proceed to the profile options.  



Do your best to answer honestly, this is not something to be done to look impressive, this is an assessment to help determine where there are strengths and where improvement would be helpful.

You can save the profile when you have completed the questions.  You can review your previous profile through the button on your account page.  

Run a Communication Profile for Someone You Supervise

To start a communication profile for a communicator you support, open their account page in the drop-down menu next to their user information on your communicator dashboard.  Hit the button start or repeat a communication profile.  NOTE: Be sure this profile is completed with the communicator’s participation.  


Try Additional Assessments

You can also run additional assessments to gauge or track progress in some specific areas.  These profile assessments include the Alphabet and Phonological Awareness Self-Reflection and Observation Form or the Classroom characteristics form.  These can be reached by hitting the “browse” button within the Communication Profiles window.


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