How do I set up my CoughDrop profile?

Your user profile can be public or private and includes information like your name, a basic bio and an optional link to an external web site.

Watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

Profile section


Then select the "profile" section to update your email and bio, change your password, etc.

Profile settings

Profile settings

You can update your email and bio, change your password, etc. When you are finished making changes be sure to hit the "Save Profile" button.

Delete Account

If you need to delete your CoughDrop account, you can do that on your profile page. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page and hit the "delete account" button to remove your entire account from CoughDrop.

This action cannot be undone so do not delete your account unless you are sure that you no longer want to use CoughDrop and you want all information connected to your account removed from the system.  This will include any speech boards you have created even if they have been shared with other users.


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