How do I turn on logging and reports in CoughDrop?

By default CoughDrop does not enable any logging. This is to protect user privacy and ensure everything is opt-in. Usage logs are stored in the cloud to generate reports that can be reviewed by the communicator and any linked supervisors. These logs are generated whenever the user's device syncs while connected to the Internet.

CoughDrop Reporting Video Tutorial

If the communicator or their supervisors visit the "Reports" section of a user's profile when logging is disabled, they will see a message notifying them that logging is currently disabled. The communicator or supervisors with edit permissions can hit the "Enable" button to turn on logging for that user.


In addition, the communicator or their editing supervisors can visit the user's "preferences" page to enable logging.


On the "preferences" page users can enable general logging, and also optionally enable geolocation logging. Make sure to hit "Save" once you've made changes.

Logging can be disabled at any time in the same way. When you disable logging, your previous logs are not deleted, and will be available again if logging is ever re-enabled.

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