How do I see the most-commonly-used words for my account in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop optionally tracks all button presses when usera area in Speak Mode. This data is backed up to the cloud so that the communicator and any linked supervisors can review the logs remotely from their own devices. This makes it possible for support staff to see progress without taking the communicator's device away. CoughDrop also generates a number of reports based on usage data to make it easier to process, including the most-commonly-used words for a given date range.

CoughDrop Reporting Video Tutorial


To access the reports for a user, visit their profile page. You can access your own profile page by hitting the profile icon in the top right corner and selecting "My Account".


On a user's profile page, select the "Report" section to view the user's reports. Communicators can see their own reports, and all supervisors can see reports for users that they supervise. Remember, reports will only appear if the user has enabled reporting, and performs a sync while connected to the Internet at least once in a while (once a week is recommended).


On the reports page, users can see a list of the most-commonly-used words for the communicator in the specified date range.

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