How can I use the "focus words" feature in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop has specialized feature built into speak mode which allows you to use your communications set to focus on a specific word set.  These might be words related to a specific activity, words in the text of a book or story, or just a set of words to better learn and understand.  

You can get to know this focus words feature in our video below.  

Assign Focus Words

While in speak mode, open the drop-down menu under your user icon in the top right corner and select "focus words."

If you have already used focus word sets for this account you will see those options in the new window.  You will also have the option to browse an existing set of "focus words" or enter a custom set.  

The focus words will be highlighted in the board set, while other words will be vaguely dimmed.  ALL words can still be selected on the board set so the communicator is not prevented from using any words.

Search for a Word Set

You can use the "search" option to look for a specific focus word set.  

Enter the search terms and hit "search" to check for available options.  

Browse the Library of Focus Word Sets

Use the "browse" option to scroll through the word sets that are available for public use.  Many of these sets are based on a specific book or activity.

You can scroll through the sets of focus words and browse any sections you would like to explore further.  


See focus word sets for popular books or specific activities.

Add Words Through Speech Recognition

You can hit the "speech recognition" button to add focus words vocally through the microphone of your device.  This option will NOT work on all device types and is dependent on the abilities of the device in order to be successful.


Add a Custom List of Words Manually

You can also type a list of desired focus words into the field using your device keyboard.

Set Your Focus Word Set

Hit the "set focus words" button to apply the set of focus words to your speech boards.  The focus words will be highlighted in the board set while words that are not part of the focus set will be dimmed.  ANY words can still be selected in the board set, but the focus words will be more prominent to encourage their usage.

Save Your Focus Set

You can save the focus word set for further use later.  Check the box below the search options to save the focus set for later use.

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