How do I install CoughDrop on a mobile device or tablet?

**You MUST create a CoughDrop account on the CoughDrop website before you will be able to enter the program through the app.**

When you load the home page,, on a mobile device and log in, you'll see instructions on how to install CoughDrop as an app available from your iOS or Android home screen.  You can choose to enter the program through the downloaded app or through the web.

You can find a link to download the appropriate app for our device here.

The CoughDrop app is free to download on any device, but after your 2-month free trial, there is a fee to continue use of your CoughDrop account.

Video Tutorial

Create a Shortcut to the web version

On iOS devices and many Android tablets you can also add a quick link shortcut for the web version of CoughDrop so that it will function just like an app.  

For iOS devices, simply navigate to the CoughDrop website on your Safari web browser then hit the box with an arrow coming up out of it in the top right of the screen.  Now select "add to home screen" and a shortcut for the CoughDrop web version will be added to the home screen of your device.

For Android devices, go to the CoughDrop website using your web browser (we suggest Chrome) then hit the three stacked dots in the top right corner.  From the menu hit "add to home screen" and a CoughDrop shortcut will be placed on your home screen.

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