How do I choose a voice/language in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop uses the text-to-speech engines provided by the current system for voice generation. Some buttons may have prerecorded sounds, but the default is speech synthesis. As a result the list of available voices will be different depending on the device used. Some voices allow for changing pitch, rate and volume, but some do not.


Watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

Voice settings


On this page you'll see options for configuring the voice nationality, pitch, speed, etc. Configuration options depend on the device and system you're running CoughDrop on. It's always a good idea to hit "Test Voice" before deciding to make sure your settings are acceptable.

Once you have finished be sure to hit "Save Preferences" to save.

You can also use your CoughDrop account to speak in more than one language.  Learn more about that option in our support article here: CoughDrop in Multiple Languages.


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