How do I remove all log data for my CoughDrop account?

CoughDrop does not record any usage logs by default, but if logging is enabled then usage information is recorded to the cloud and made available to the communicator and their approved supervisors to help plan communication strategies and see what is and isn't working. This usage data is made available to the user so they can have control over it.  Communicators can always permanently delete any log data that has been previously recorded.

CoughDrop Logs and Messaging Video Tutorial

To clear any previous log data, open to the account page in the communicator's account or the account page of the communicator you supervise when logged in to a supporter account.

You will know whose account you are working within by noting the user information on the top left of the screen.


Select "logs and messaging" from the menu on the left of the screen then scroll down to the bottom of the log screen.  Here you will see a button with the option to clear all logs for this account.  


A confirmation step is provided before permanently deleting the logs to avoid accidental deletion. Once you have confirmed deletion, please wait 24 hours to confirm that all logs have been deleted.


NOTE: this process cannot be undone, and for privacy reasons, we cannot provide access to information removed by a log purge. Please make 100% sure you want to remove logs before deleting them.


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