How do I create or edit a board on an iPad or tablet?

CoughDrop can run on nearly any device and you can create and edit speech boards and buttons on nearly any device as well.  

Although editing speech boards on an iPad or tablet is much the same as editing on a laptop or Chromebook, there are a few small functions that are slightly different.

Pop-up keyboard

Of course, most iPads and tablets do not have a connected keyboard.  This means that when you hit the "create a new board" button to begin creating a speech board you will need to use the pop-up keyboard to input words and phrases relating to the board.

Sometimes the keyboard may be covering a box or button you need to reach in order to perform a required function.  If this happens you can grab the "create a new board" window by dragging your finger to scroll up or down in the window.  You can also collapse the keyboard by hitting the button in the bottom right corner.

If you are editing a speech board you can tap any speech button while in edit mode to open the button settings window to edit that button.

You can also tap the label box on a speech button to open the keyboard and add words directly to the label of the button.  

Adding Images

As with editing on a laptop, you can add images to speech buttons by browsing CoughDrop's image libraries, by taking a picture with your device, or by loading an image saved in the device memory. 

Unfortunately, adding an image from the internet by dragging and dropping it usually does NOT work on iPads or tablets.  

However, you can long press on an internet image to save it to your device memory and then add that image to your speech button using the cloud and arrow icon.

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