How much does CoughDrop cost?

CoughDrop offers flexible pricing options based on the needs of users. CoughDrop is priced per-communicator, which means that parents, therapists, and teachers supporting a communicator can all sign up for free when their account is connected as a supervisor to that communicator account.  Learn more about supervisors in CoughDrop here.

For each communicator, a CoughDrop account can be purchased for either $6 per month, or $200 for a lifetime license.  With a lifetime purchase CoughDrop will also include five free years of our Cloud Extras with your purchase.  

We also work with other funding solutions, accept purchase orders, and can work with individuals on special requests for pricing or group rates.

For more information, check out our pricing page.

CoughDrop Pricing

CoughDrop offers several purchase options so that communicators and supporters can register for the account type that will best fit their needs.

Communicator Account:  These accounts have full access to all AAC functions as well as options for premium features.  You can purchase a communicator account for $6 US as a monthly payment which will also include access to our cloud-extra features for the duration of your subscription.  You can also purchase a lifetime account for $200 US.  These accounts are gifted 5 full years of our cloud-extras features at no additional charge.

FREE Modeling Account:  If you are an AAC supporter looking to model speech boards and button for a paid CoughDrop communicator, you can register for a free modeling account.  These accounts allow you to link to a communicator account and then access their speech boards for modeling words and phrases.  

Supporter Account:  If you are an AAC supporter who would like to model but will also need the ability to edit speech boards, buttons, and settings for an AAC communicator, you can sign up for a $25 supporter account.  These accounts can be linked to one or more CoughDrop communicator accounts and can then have access to adjust and personalize speech boards and information for the accounts which they supervise.  

Evaluation Account:  A CoughDrop evaluation account can be purchase for $25 for those looking to add CoughDrop to a lending library or to give to students to trial the program.  While CoughDrop does offer a free 2-month trial for any new user, sometimes a more focused trial within a group or school is desired.  An evaluation account allows full access to CoughDrop features and functions on one dedicated device.  The account will automatically reset to delete any boards, settings, or options that have been adjusted between evaluations so the account is fresh and ready to go for the next trial communicator. updatedaccounttypesimg.jpg

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