How do I troubleshoot speech output issues on an iOS device?

CoughDrop is an augmentative communication app so being able to hear it speak is pretty important.  Sometimes settings on an ios device like an iPad or an iPhone can cause the device to stay silent even though CoughDrop is trying to vocalize words and phrases.  There are a few simple steps you can take to check the configuration of the device and get speech going.

Adjust the Volume 2 Ways

First, although it may sound silly, it is always a good idea to start by checking the volume setting on the device.  If the volume is turned down, you obviously won't be able to hear CoughDrop speak.  

It is also a good idea to check the app specific volume.  To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will open setting specific to the app you are using.  You may need to swipe the setting screen to the right to open a second window which will include the option to adjust the app volume.

Adjust the Volume 2 Ways

Check the mute button

Second, if you go into your settings and then click "general" you will see one section that says "use side switch to" and normally a device is set to "mute." Check the small switch on the right side of your iPad to be sure it is in the up position so that your device is not set to mute.

Check the mute button

Volume output check

Third, you can check the output volume on the device itself. Under settings, find "music" and then click "volume limit." If this is turned down then the sound output can be affected.

Change the system voice

Sometimes the default voice on a device does not work with CoughDrop's text to speak function.  You can change the voice selected on the device which may help resolve issues with sound.

To adjust your chosen voice open the drop down under your username on the dashboard of your CoughDrop account and hit 'preferences.'

Scroll down to the 'device preferences' section and look for the 'voice' heading.  If you have purchased a CoughDrop account you will have access to any voices available on your device and also the premium voices available to account holders.  Select the voice you like and test it to be sure it will work.  

**PLEASE NOTE** Some iOS devices do not allow the text-to-speak function to perform as it should with system voices.  If you cannot find a voice which vocalizes please scroll to the bottom of the voice list and select SYSTEM DEFAULT VOICE.  This voice behaves in a different way from other system voices and will generally work even when others don't.

You can also test the premium voices which will always work on iOS devices.  These voices are available to paid CoughDrop users.  


Reset your device

Finally, if nothing else it might be a good idea to reset your general settings to try to get things back to their original, functioning settings. Under general there is a "reset" tab at the bottom. Click the "reset all settings" option at the top to return to your factory settings.

**WARNING**  While this option may help it will completely reset your device meaning you will lose all of your saved settings and installed apps.  


Troubleshooting Tool

If you're still not hearing any speech output, then we can try troubleshooting to see if we can track down exactly where the problem is. On any CoughDrop page, hit the "?" icon at the top right of the page.  

You'll see a support form pop up. We're not going to fill it out quite yet, first hit the "troubleshooting" link.

You'll see a little troubleshooting page load. This tool can be used to test all sorts of functionality in CoughDrop. including speech output. Hit "Check for Supported Functionality" to run the tests.



After a short pause, you'll see a table of results appear. Go the row titled "Speech Synthesis" and see what it says. Occasionally this row will say "Unsupported", so make a note of what it says. Then try hitting the "Test" buttons one by one and see if any of them generate any speech output. Make a note of the results.

Now hit the "Support" link again, and fill out a brief description of the error you're having, including the results of the tests you ran. We'll get back to you and hopefully be able to figure out exactly what's going on.


Contact us for help

If you are still having trouble, or if you ever have other problems or questions, you can always contact our support team by hitting the question mark icon at the top right of many CoughDrop screens.  

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