Correcting a Samsung Device Text-to Speech Problem

"Unfortunately, CoughDrop has stopped"

There is a rare problem in some Samsung devices which crashes apps attempting to use the text-to speak function.  Samsung devices which use Marshmallow are prone to this problem.  

Since CoughDrop relies on the text-to speak function of a device in order to vocalize speech, this issue means you will receive an error message which reads "unfortunately CoughDrop has stopped" if you try to enter CoughDrop on an affected device.

However, there is a simple fix which will allow you to override the Samsung settings and enter CoughDrop and other apps which rely on text-to speech.

Simple Settings Adjustment

Open your device settings and select "language and input" from the menu under the heading "system."

Now open the text-to-speech options under the "speech" heading.

*Note:  If your device crashes when you try to open these settings you will need to clear the cache on your Samsung text-to-speech engine.  Look for the instructions for this action at the bottom of this article.*  

Finally, change the preferred text-to speech engine to Google Text-to Speech.  This should correct the system error and allow you to run CoughDrop on your device.

How to Clear Samsung's Text-to Speech Data

If your device crashes when you try to change the text-to speech engine, you likely need to clear Samsung's text-to speech data before you will be able to make the needed speech engine adjustment.

To do this, first open your device application manager which you will find by going to "settings" and then selecting "applications" from the menu.  

Once your application manager is open, select "all" to show all of your device applications not just those that are running.  Scroll down the list to find "Samsung text-to speech engine" then tap it.

Finally, press the "clear data" button on this page to clear the engine data.  You should then be able to change the text-to speech engine as described above.

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