How do I choose a voice in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop uses the text-to-speech engine of your device to generate voice output. Some buttons can have recorded audio but most will use text-to-speech. CoughDrop lets you select from any of the TTS voices that are provided by your current system. Voice settings are a per-device setting since they can vary across multiple devices and systems.

Watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

Open Preferences

Open Preferences

Access to the Preferences page by hitting the profile icon in the top right corner and selecting "Preferences".

Device Preferences (near the bottom of the preferences page)


Select the voice option you prefer for the current device.  You can also adjust the voice rate, pitch, and volume if applicable to your selected voice.  Many voices will allow customization of these settings, but not all voices allow these changes.  Set the preferences to fit your specific needs.  Then hit "Save Preferences" to record your changes.

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