How do I change other settings in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop has many different settings to accommodate different users. You can specify voice configuration, button styling, button sensitivity, auto-return to the home screen and auto-clearing of the vocalization window, protection from accidentally leaving Speak Mode, etc.

Many of these settings have have their own support articles (please reference the list at the end of this article).

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Open Preferences


Open the drop-down menu under you user icon in the top right of the CoughDrop screen and select "preferences."  This will open a page of options for settings which you can adjust for you account.


Various Options

The preferences page is divided into four sections: general preferences, core & modeling, sidebar layout, and device preferences.  Each section allows you to adjust settings which apply to your CoughDrop account in these areas.  

*Be aware that adjustments made in the "device preferences" section will apply to ONLY that device and will not carry over to other devices which use your CoughDrop account.

General Preferences

In this section you can change many of the basic settings which dictate how your CoughDrop account functions.  Some of the preferences you can adjust here include:

  • Requiring a PIN to exit speak mode
  • Determining when buttons will vocalize
  • Keeping a log of communicator speech or turning off logging
  • Alllow communicators to share messages on social networks from speak mode
  • Choosing image and board background color
  • Adjusting the button press settings

You can browse all of the options in this section or contact us if you have questions.


Core & Modeling

This section applies primarily to the way CoughDrop performs functions used by a supervisor to monitor a communicator's CoughDrop account.  The settings in this section manage the way words are categorized by CoughDrop's built in logging and the way modeled words are noted by the system.  Adjustments you can make here include:

  • Modifying the words noted as "core" words within the account
  • Listing "requested phrases" that the communicator or supporters would like to have added to the board set
  • Setting two finger screen touches to read as modeled words rather than communicator speech in CoughDrop logs
  • Allowing keyboard suggestions
  • Designating the way hidden buttons are attributed on a speech board

Device Preferences

As noted above, adjustments made to the device preferences section will affect the device on which the changes are set but will NOT carry over to other devices used to access your CoughDrop account.  This means you can fine-tune your CoughDrop display and behavior for each device.  Here you can:

  • Change your vocalization box size, button spacing, and border size
  • Customize your chosen font, text size, and text position on speech buttons
  • Calibrate your sync preferences
  • Set the program to run in scanning mode (often used when working with switch access)
  • Enable eye tracking when needed
  • Choose your preferred voice and tweak the voice speed, pitch, and volume if available

Save Your Changes

Any time you make changes to your preferences you must be sure to save those changes at the bottom of the preferences page in order for the changes to take effect.

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