How do I report a problem with CoughDrop?

While using CoughDrop, you may occasionally run into an unexpected problem. We do out best to keep our application bug-free, but sometimes we make mistakes. Also, sometimes things are technically working, but not in an ideal way. We want to hear about any of these kinds of issues!

You can contact us any time.

If you come across an issue in CoughDrop, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the Support link at the bottom of the home page to report the problem.  

You'll see a popup appear with a form you can fill out to report a problem, ask a question, or make a suggestion. Don't worry, we appreciate hearing about any of those :-). The support popup also provides a link to this support site, and a link to our "troubleshooting" page.

The troubleshooting page can be loaded and run to test for common device issues that prevent CoughDrop from running or from running well. Just hit the button to start the troubleshooting tool.

Once the troubleshooting tool has run you'll see results showing which features are and aren't supporting. Please note that just because a feature isn't supported doesn't mean CoughDrop won't work, there are known feature limitations in some devices that CoughDrop is able to work around just fine. This tool can be helpful when working with our support team to figure out exactly what isn't working within CoughDrop.

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