How can I use my device for modeling when working with a CoughDrop user I supervise?

When working with a communicator, modeling is a powerful way to teach communication strategies. Modeling involves showing a communicator examples of how you expect them to communicate.


By using CoughDrop the way you hope they will learn to, you can help reinforce or introduce good communication strategies. All supervisors can access and use the boards of their communicators for communication and modeling.

CoughDrop Modeling Feature Video

Modeling Features


You can activate Speak Mode at any time from your dashboard. When you are a supervisor, you can hit the modeling button on your dashboard to enter speak mode for that communicator to model words and phrases using their home board.  Words you select will count as modeled speech in CoughDrop reports for this account if you select this option.


You can also model directly on the communicator's device. To prevent your button presses from falsifying their usage logs, hit the "x" button three times to enter modeling mode.  All button presses while in modeling mode will enter reports as modeled words rather than communicator speech.  

Hit the "x" button again to exit modeling mode and return to regular communication mode for that account.


If you are using a touch screen, you can assign the program to mark two finger button presses as modeled speech rather than communicator speech by adjusting your preferences.  Open your preferences page and select the "core phrases & modeling section."  Check the box for this option then be sure to save your preferences at the bottom of the page.  

Modeling Resources

Knowing WHAT to model can be a big help when trying to help someone communicate.  Thankfully, experts have compiled groups of "core words" that are commonly used in language and divided those words into the months of the year.  By learning these core words, communicators are more ready to express themselves in a variety of settings and circumstances.  CoughDrop offers two of these sets of "a year of core words" to help AAC users and their support teams work together to better learn language.  You can access those core word calendars here:

Year of Core Words Set 1

Year of Core Words Set 2

But CoughDrop has also put together groupings of phrases based on those core words.  These phrases share ideas of different ways the highlighted core words could be used in everyday language.  The calendars could be shared with families, teachers, therapists, and more to help every member of the AAC support team work toward the same monthly goal when it comes to modeling language.  Download and print the CoughDrop core phrases calendars here:

Core Phrases Set 1

Core Phrases Set 2

Modeling Resources
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