How do I start using CoughDrop for AAC?

CoughDrop is designed to be a user-friendly augmentative and alternative communication app.  When you first create an account you will be prompted to progress through the CoughDrop Getting Started Wizard which will help you adjust settings and preferences in your account to fit your needs.  The Getting Started Wizard will also give you some brief instruction on how CoughDrop works and what you can do to get to know the program.

You can reach the Getting Started Wizard at any time through this link or by navigating to your CoughDrop dashboard and hitting "extras" under the "action" menu.  


Then select "learn and setup" to launch the getting started wizard for your account.



Getting started with CoughDrop AAC video tutorial


Implementation Videos

CoughDrop has a couple of implementation videos that may help as you start to get to know the program.  One is a shorter video (about 10 minutes) designed for parents working with a school SLP which gives some basic information about getting started with the program.  You can find that here:

Getting Started with CoughDrop AAC for Parents & Schools


The second video is a longer and more in-depth introduction into CoughDrop with a deeper look into features and options to support communicators and teams.

CoughDrop AAC Implementation Video

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