How do I create a brand new board in CoughDrop?

Any logged in user can create boards within CoughDrop. New boards can be private and personalized, or be public and shared with others.

Watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

Create a New Board

To create a new board, make sure you are logged in and hit the profile icon in the top right corner. Then select "Create a New Board". A window will pop up with configuration options.


New board options

New board options


You can give your board a name, specify initial dimensions (you can always add or remove rows or columns later), make it public or private, and provide an icon URL. The icon can be selected from the list or you can provide your own URL.

When you are finished configuring your board options hit "Create Board". Don't worry, all of these options are configurable after the board is created as well.


Additional options

Additional options


There are additional options you can set at creation time if you like. Hit the "more options" link and you'll see settings for specifying a Creative Commons license to your board, adding a description, turning on word completion for the board, or pasting in a list of labels that can be used to pre-populate the board.

If you enter a list of labels (or select them from the core list) then when the board is created the labels will be applied to buttons from left to right, top to bottom (top left, then down the leftmost row, next column back up at the top, etc.). CoughDrop will also auto-search for symbols for each of the labels, but you can change these symbols if you don't like what was auto-selected.


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