Is there a quick reference, FAQ, or getting started guide for CoughDrop topics?

CoughDrop offers a couple of documents to help people quickly locate or share important topics for those using CoughDrop for AAC.  You can access or share these free guides to encourage your team or others.

Quick Start Guide


Use this progressive AAC guide to take some simple first steps in getting to know and learning to use CoughDrop for communication.


Quick Start Guide & FAQ for communicators & families


This two-page, interactive document shares links to CoughDrop features and topics at a glance.  Tap on the desired option and reach additional information about that subject.


Quick Start Guide & FAQ for SLPs & Supporters


Sorted into commonly used topics, this three page document contains links to AAC functions commonly used by SLPs and other AAC supporters.  Select the bullet point for the topic you would like to explore to open more details.

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