How do I get started talking with CoughDrop?

When you first register for CoughDrop we'll open the Getting Started Wizard for you to help you set up your account.  

The Wizard will walk you through some initial choices on the way you want CoughDrop to run from voice options and board choices to button selecting and system preferences.   

If you need to find the Getting Started tool again later you can navigate to your CoughDrop dashboard then hit "extras" and then tap the "learn and setup" button.  



You can go through the getting started tutorial for your own account, or you can select the account of someone you supervise so that the choices made during the tutorial will apply to their account.

If you are a CoughDrop organization manager, you can use the tutorial for any account within your organization to help get things started for that user.  Just choose the desired account name from the drop-down menu in the pop-up window.



Once you have adjusted your settings and chosen a speech board, you can enter speak mode using your home board or another board of your choice to start talking using CoughDrop.


Watch our instructional video, then read below for additional tips on using CoughDrop to start communicating.

Updating your profile

There is a detailed guide provided for setting up your profile.

Configuring board preferences

There is a detailed guide containing directions on accessing your user preferences.

Choosing a home board

On the home screen you will see suggestions for popular boards. You can browse these to find a good home board. You can also hit the "Help Me Choose" link or button and find suggestions on good starting home board.


Once you find a good home board you can set it as the home board for your account by opening to the board actions page and selecting "set as home board" from the menu under "more."


Installing the app on your device

There is a detailed guide provided for installing CoughDrop on your mobile device.

Activating Speak Mode


Once you have selected a home board, you can activate it for talking by hitting the "Speak Mode" button.

Alternatively, you can return to your dashboard by hitting the CoughDrop icon.

You can launch the home board in speak mode from the home screen.  You can also choose to have CoughDrop open directly to speak mode when the program is engaged by checking the box on your dashboard that says "start app in Speak Mode."  


Getting Started as an AAC Supporter

Learning to communicate with AAC takes work, and learning to support and encourage an AAC users also takes work.  This implementation guide will walk you through some simple steps you can take to support communication growth and encourage connections while building AAC communication.  

AAC Implementation Guide


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