How do I properly configure my web browser for CoughDrop?

CoughDrop makes use of storage options available in modern browsers, and will not run properly in the Incognito mode available in many systems.

In addition, privacy settings must be configured to allow CoughDrop to store data locally which is used for user identity, offline support and better performance. If you are trying to access CoughDrop in Incognito mode you will most likely see an error message and the app will not load.

Specifically, CoughDrop requires both localStorage and IndexedDB support. For browsers that do not support IndexedDB CoughDrop tries to use a number of fallbacks which generally rely on the same privacy settings needed for localStorage and IndexedDB access.

Configuring Safari

In Safari, make sure you are not in Private Browsing mode, and that your privacy settings allow for website storage. In Preferences go to the Privacy Tab and for "Block cookies and other website data" select either "From third parties and advertisers" (recommended), or "Never". You also need to "Enable JavaScript" in the "Security" tab.

Configuring Chrome

In Chrome make sure you are not running in Incognito mode. Next, if you go to settings, under the advanced settings area find the "Privacy" section and open "Content Settings". For "Cookies" select either "Allow local data to be set" (this is the recommended setting) or "Keep local data only until you quit your browser". Also make sure "JavaScript" and "Images" are enabled. If you want to enable logging and recording then make sure "Location" and "Media" are not set to "Do not allow...".

Configuring Firefox

In Firefox, make sure you are not in private browsing mode. In Preferences go to the "Privacy" section and make sure under "History" you have set "Firefox will" to something other than "Never remember history". For custom settings, you will need to make sure the CoughDrop web site has permission to store data locally.

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