How do I get help or report a problem with CoughDrop?

While using CoughDrop, you may occasionally run into an unexpected problem. We do out best to keep our application bug-free, but sometimes we make mistakes. Also, sometimes things are technically working, but not in an ideal way. We want to hear about any of these kinds of issues!

You can contact us any time.

Get Help

If you come across an issue in CoughDrop, you can tap the question mark icon in the top right corner of your screen to reach our support team.


You can browse through our library of support articles and videos to find answers to common questions.  


Reach out for support

In the support pop-up you can choose to send a message to CoughDrop support for answers to a specific question or to ask about a specific feature.  You will receive a response at the email address linked to your CoughDrop account.  If you would like a response at a different email address please note that in your message.



The troubleshooting page can be loaded and run to test for common device issues that prevent CoughDrop from running or from running well. Just hit the button in the support window to access the troubleshooting tool.


Once the troubleshooting tool has run you'll see results showing which features are and aren't supporting. Please note that just because a feature isn't supported doesn't mean CoughDrop won't work, there are known feature limitations in some devices that CoughDrop is able to work around just fine. This tool can be helpful when working with our support team to figure out exactly what isn't working within CoughDrop.

To clear the device cache relating to CoughDrop information and files, please scroll to the bottom of the troubleshooting page and hit "clear" in the three storage options under app details.  This will not erase any of your account information from the cloud, it will simple clear information from your device so that you can start fresh when you log in.


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