What pricing options and funding opportunities are available to purchase CoughDrop?

Updated Pricing as of July 1, 2023

Lifetime Account: $295 USD

Monthly Paymetn $9 USD

Lifetime Supporter Account $25 USD

Lifetime Evaluation Account $25 USD

Premium Symbols Add-on $25 USD

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is an important option when it comes to helping a struggling communicator have a voice.  Our goal is to support families, schools, and therapists as they work to give these communicators a way to speak.

Because we want to best support those working with AAC, CoughDrop has flexible pricing options which give AAC users and their support teams multiple ways to secure the CoughDrop communication app for those who need it.

  • Lifetime Purchase: CoughDrop offers a one-time payment option of $295 for a lifetime account.  This means that after purchase the user would have access to the CoughDrop program for the rest of his or her life.  In addition, CoughDrop will include five years of their powerful Cloud Extra Features for no additional cost.  Learn more about Cloud Extras here: http://bit.ly/CoughDropCloudExtras.
  • Monthly Subscription:  CoughDrop also offers the option of paying $9 per month for the program.  We understand that sometimes a $295 investment is more than an AAC user or family can afford.  For $9 per month, a user will have continual access to a CoughDrop account for as long as the account is needed.  Cloud Extras are included with this option for as long as the subscription is active.
    Note: This may also be a good choice for communicators who have a temporary speech concern following a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other concern.  Pay for the app only while it is needed.
  • Insurance assistance:  Many insurance companies (including Medicaid) will cover the cost of a speech-generating device and communication program for individuals with long-term communication needs.   Companies like our partner Forbes or a group like Ablenet are equipped to help families evaluate this option.  Learn more about these companies by opening their individual link on our partner's page here https://www.coughdrop.com/partners.  You can also contact your own insurance company directly for additional information.  Often a device and AAC program (like CoughDrop) can be obtained at no cost to you.
  • Schools: Schools often have budgets to support students with both speech-generating devices and AAC software. Many districts and schools have purchased CoughDrop licenses in bulk and assign licenses to students. Speak with your AT specialist or an SLP at the school or district and ask them to reach out to CoughDrop. We can coordinate the purchase, training, and allocation of the license to your communicator. As schools buy more licenses, their pricing gets more favorable. 
  • Grants:  Many organizations and group offer grants for assistive technology or AAC specifically.  Some of these groups are organized by diagnosis, by states, or by desired device.  Groups like ATAP (http://ataporg.org/programs) or the Assistive Technology Law Center (http://www.aacfundinghelp.com/) may be able to help you start the process.  Additional groups which may be able to help include:

Voice of Grace (AAC sponsorship by Forbes AAC)

Easter Seals

The Dream Factory 

Lori’s Voice

Orange Effect Foundation

Small Steps in Speech

The Sunshine Foundation

Variety, the Children’s Charity

  • Application for Free or Discount Account through Sponsorship: Occasionally, we have supporters who donate funds toward helping people who cannot afford AAC on their own.  These funds are evaluated quarterly and are gifted to an AAC user who has applied for sponsorship if there are funds available.  You can apply for this option through our application below.  When there are funds, they will be gifted to an AAC user who has applied.
    Application for Sponsorship
  • Go Fund Me:  When someone you care about needs help you will do what you can to help them, right?  Well, this may be a chance for the people who care about you and your family to show you some love and support.  Creating a Go Fund Me account could be a way to allow multiple friends and family members to donate a small amount which could quickly grow to fill the need.  Learn more at https://www.gofundme.com/ 
  • Donors Choose:  This site allows teachers to create an event or project that can then be sponsored by donors around the world.  People can add to the project to help support the cause.  Learn more at https://www.donorschoose.org/ 
  • Bake Sale Etc.: There are a lot of creative ways families and friends earn extra money to help provide a lifetime voice to their loved one. Many services around the community may offer opportunities to facilitate funding for AAC. Here are just a few ideas: Bake Sale, Car Wash, Dog Walking Service, Yard Sale, House sitting, etc.
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