How do I register for CoughDrop?

Registration is available on the site home page, at  You can download the free CoughDrop app for ios, Android, Amazon, or Windows onto your device but you must create an account online before you will be able to log in. 

CoughDrop Registration Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.



Fill out the registration form and hit "Sign Up".  You can choose to sign up for a 2-month free trial or to choose the payment option that best fits your needs.

Getting Started Wizard

After you fsign up for CoughDrop the program will open the Getting Started Wizard.  The Wizard will help you make some basic choices about how you would like your account to run.  

You can choose to ignore the Getting Started Wizard and explore CoughDrop's preferences and account choices on your own, but the Wizard will help you become familiar with many of CoughDrop's options and settings.  

You can find the Getting Started Wizard later by opening your account page from the drop down menu on your dashboard screen or by hitting your username on the left of your dashboard.

Then look for the button that reads "launch getting started wizard again."  Hit that link and CoughDrop will return you to the Getting Started Wizard.

After you sign up you'll see a checklist of things you can optionally do to finish setting up your account. None are required, but all of them are probably a good idea.

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