What is the button stash in CoughDrop?

The button stash is a tool in CoughDrop for easily copying buttons on the same board or across multiple boards. It can be helpful to create a template button that's mostly styled how you want, which you can then save to the stash and apply quickly to multiple buttons when editing.

NOTE: Button stashes are stored locally on the device and are not shared across devices, so if you add a button to the button stash on your tablet, it will not appear in the button stash on your desktop, phone, or other device.

Hover to Add to Stash


On many devices, particularly laptops, you can hover over a button while on the board actions page and add the button to the button stash.  As you hover your cursor over the button you will see the "button stash" option appear above the button.  Tap that option to add this button to your button stash.



You will see a confirmation message at the top of your screen letting you know this button has been added to the button stash for your device.

While editing a board, select the button you would like to add to the stash. Once a button is added to the stash its settings can quickly be applied to other spaces on a speech board.


"Copy to Stash" in Edit Mode


Open the board containing the desired button in edit mode.



Tap the desired button to open the button settings window for that button and select the "general" option from the menu on the left of the button settings window.

You will see the option to add this button to the button stash on the "general" settings options.  Tap that option to add this button to the button stash.



Saved to Stash


You should see the button change to "Copied to Stash" if completed successfully.


Open the Button Stash


To use the button stash, while editing a board hit "More" and then select "Button Stash".


Select the Button to Apply


You will see a list of the most-recent buttons you have added to the button stash. You can hit any of the buttons to select it.


Select the button on the board to update

Now, tap the space on the speech board where you would like to apply this stashed button.  You can apply the button to an empty space or can tap an existing button to override the current button options, label, and image.  

Changes are applied

After you select it, you should see it update to apply the styles of the button from the button stash. Make sure to hit "Save" to save your changes when you are finished. 


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