How do I assign default settings for my organization as the organization manager in CoughDrop?

Within a CoughDrop organization, managers have the option to assign many default settings that will apply to their organization, users, and supporters.  These settings can be adjusted as needed to fit the needs of the communication team.

Open Organization Settings

To adjust the settings for your organization, first log in to your CoughDrop account.  If you are the manager of a CoughDrop organization, you will see the organization management paperclip icon on your dashboard.  



If you are connected to more than one organization, the organizations will be listed by name.  If you are only linked to one organization the heading will read "organization management."



On your organization management page, select "settings" from the menu at the top of the screen.  


Adjust your organization settings

Once on the settings page for your organization, you can adjust the desired settings to support your team.

Some of the available customizations include:

  • Assigning a preferred symbol set that will be used as the default image library for searches.

    **NOTE** Each user will need to have access to premium symbols if you assign a premium symbol library as the default symbol set.
  • Assign a set of preferred home boards that can be shown as default options when a new communicator is added to the organization.  This makes it easy for a team to find a designated board that can be used for your group.

  • You can add a URL for a logo or preferred image to represent your group.  This logo will be displayed on the dashboard of those connected to your organization.

  • Additional settings can be adjusted in the custom settings section including the options seen below.

Save your changes

Be sure to save any changes you make to your organization settings at the bottom of the settings page.  

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns as you are adjusting the settings within your organization hit the "?" icon at the top of most CoughDrop pages to reach out to our support team for additional help.  

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