What is CoughDrop's site license option?

CoughDrop offers flexible, affordable communication options to users and teams in a variety of ways.  One of these it the option to purchase a CoughDrop site license.  This license type allows access to a designated number of CoughDrop licenses (up to 100) for a low, set annual fee.  


With a site license, you provide a number of account sponsorships that can then be assigned to AAC users as needed.  If you have a student who is struggling to communicate, cannot speak vocally, has autism, anxiety, apraxia, situational mutism, cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, or another concern you can link that student to one of your available licenses so they can have access to the CoughDrop program for communication.  

As students come into and leave your program, those sponsorships can be given to or removed from students.  If a student moves away, no longer needs speech support, or leaves your group you can use their sponsorship for a new communicator.

Site licenses also give your district, school, or team access to additional supports including:


  • AAC evaluation features to determine a communicator's needs and strengths to help you customize their speech board and settings
  • Accessing AAC on devices you already have
  • Reach a student’s account on multiple platforms like using an iPad for speech but a laptop for editing
  • Access AAC for communicators of all levels, not just those with NO verbal speech
  • Valet login for classroom accounts
  • Teacher-driven “focus words” that can be pushed to the classroom group through their devices
  • Connect with our support time any time you have questions or concerns
  • Register for annual team training to stay up on best practices, new features, and more
  • Set and track goals within the program
  • View logs and reports from one organization dashboard
  • Message everyone connected to a communicator (like parents, teachers, therapists, or paraprofessionals) from within the app to stay updated on goals and progress


CoughDrop’s Site License option makes it easy to have access to communication solutions for every student who can benefit from communication support.  

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