What is the "basic access" link I see on the sign in screen?

CoughDrop provides some free AAC options for anyone looking to be able to communicate.  These options do not require that you log in to a CoughDrop account or that you even sign up for a free trial.  No purchase is necessary.  

Video Tutorial

Open Sign-In Screen

To reach the basic access speech boards, first navigate to the CoughDrop sign in screen and then hit the "basic access" button above the login fields.



Here you will find some simple boards in a few different languages.  These speech boards are not intended to function as robust communication sets, they are meant for basic interactions on common topics that can be used by any communicator or communication partner.  



Tap on a language option to open the board selections for that language.



Tap on the board topic to open the speech board in speak mode and use the buttons on that board to communicate.


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