How do I add a premium symbol sponsorship to the account of a communicator or supervisor within my organization?

Within CoughDrop, a school or group can purchase premium symbol licenses for use within their organization.  These premium symbols licenses allow users to access PCS and SymbolStix images for use within that person's CoughDrop account.


You can learn more about using premium symbols within CoughDrop in our support article on that topic.  

Purchase Premium Symbol Licenses

A CoughDrop organization can purchase a number of premium symbol licenses for use within the organization.  These licenses can be allotted to communicators and supporters within the organization so that those users can access the premium symbols libraries.  

Reach out to us at any time to purchase licenses for your organization. These licenses come at a cost of $25 per license.

Once you haver purchased a number of licenses, those will be linked for use within your organization and can be assigned to accounts as needed. You can remove the premium symbols license from an account and give it to another account as needs or circumstances change.

You can check the number of available licenses within your organization by having an organization manager open the group link and then tapping the "symbols" heading within the organization.  

Under this heading you will see a listing of all accounts within your organization that have been credited with a premium symbols license and also the number of licenses both purchased and used.

Credit an Account with Premium Symbols

An organization manager can give a premium symbols sponsorship to a specific account within the organization so that account will be able to access and select images from the premium symbols libraries.  

To add premium symbols access to an account, enter the account username in the field and then hit "add premium symbols."

You will then see that account listed as one that has been credited with premium symbol access.

Remove Premium Symbol Access

Organization managers can remove premium symbol access from a sponsored account in their group by hitting the "x" icon next to the username while under the "symbols" section of the organization page.  

Hitting that "x" will not delete the account or remove the account from your group (as long as you are under the "symbols" heading).  It will simply remove the premium symbols option from that account.  

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