How do I run an AAC evaluation for a student or potential communicator?

CoughDrop has a built-in evaluation tool which can be used to determine what AAC settings and options may be best for a student or potential communicator.  You can access this tool for a specific communicator or through your own account.

Starting an Evaluation for a student you supervise

If you are a CoughDrop supervisor and have connected communicator accounts that you oversee, you can begin an evaluation for a specific account that you supervise. 

On your dashboard page, select "communicators" from the options in the blue bar near the top of the screen.  Under the communicator name for which you would like to run the evaluation, open the drop-down menu under "extras" select "run evaluation."


Start an Evaluation From Your Own Account

If you need to run an AAC evaluation for a person who does not yet have a CoughDrop account or who is not yet connected to your account for you to supervise, you can still begin an evaluation session.

Navigate to your account page by selecting "my account" from the drop-down menu under your user icon in the top right corner of your dashboard page.  On your account page, look for the "extras" menu on the right side of the screen. Open the menu and select "run evaluation."


Begin an Evaluation & Adjust the Options

Once you hit "run evaluation" the program will take you into an evaluation session which is a customized speak mode session.

Before you begin, you can adjust many of the evaluation options for this session by hitting the  "settings" button in the bottom left corner or by opening the drop-down menu in the top right corner and selecting "eval settings."



On the settings page, you can adjust the person for which you are performing the evaluation (if you supervise other CoughDrop accounts), the title for the evaluation, the type of images used for the evaluation, the search target for the session, whether you would like audio prompts, and you also have the option to add notes throughout the evaluation.



You can adjust the session settings at any time during the evaluation by hitting the "settings" button or by selecting "eval settings" from the drop-down menu.


Run an Evaluation

Once you have adjusted the session settings, you can begin the evaluation by hitting the "next" button on the screen.

You will see brief instructions that can be shared with the communicator.  Hit "start" to begin tracking targets for the evaluation. You can hit "skip" at the start of any evaluation section to skip that section and move on to the next.



The evaluation will progress through several different stages.  The communicator will be asked to identify the target in different situations with different button sizes and image types throughout the session.

The program will adjust the button size and options to try to help the communicator be as successful as possible.  If small targets are difficult to identify, the program will offer larger targets trying to help you identify the optimal settings for this communicator.



If you need to stop an evaluation before the end of the session, you can open the drop-down menu in the top right corner at any time and select "end evaluation."

A new window will open which will allow you to save the current evaluation session at pick it up again later at the same point or abort the session which will not save the current progress.


See Results or Restart a Saved Evaluation

When you complete an evaluation, CoughDrop will immediately take you to a report to view the session results.

If you need to view results at a later time, the evaluation information will be saved to your logs and messaging page.  You can open a specific evaluation to view results or to restart a saved evaluation from the logs and messaging page.  

NOTE:  If the evaluation was performed for a communicator account that you supervise, the evaluation report will be available on the logs and messaging page of that account.

You can reach the logs and messaging page by opening the account page and then hitting "logs and messaging" from the menu on the right side of the screen.

Now, hit the paper/report button near the desired evaluation to open that evaluation.



The reports track a variety of information including screen destination for selections, number of correct and incorrect selections, time to make selections, field size relative to correct or incorrect choices, and more.





To resume an evaluation that was not completed, scroll to the bottom of the evaluation report and hit "resume evaluation."
You can also choose to print the evaluation results by hitting the "print" button at the bottom of the evaluation report.


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