How can I customize my speech buttons in Co-VidSpeak?

When using Co-VidSpeak for communication, you can customize the shared messages displayed on your speech board.

**NOTE:  Customized communication boards will only be available for use on the device you used to create the custom board.  These changes are saved locally on the device and are NOT available when you enter Co-VidSpeak on a different device.**  

Customize Images

You can customize the image shown on your speech buttons to match the needs of your communicator.  You can also choose not to display images on the speech buttons at all.  

To make adjustments to the images, open the "more" menu and hit "settings."  Then change the selected image library for your graphics.

Customize Button Labels

You can also customize the button label shown for any speech button.  First, select a speech layout and then hit the "customize" button.  Tap the button label you'd like to change and input the message or word you would like to display.  

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