How can I react to a message shared by my partner in Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak is a program designed to accommodate communication.  While Co-VidSpeak can enhance communication for people in a variety of settings, it was intended for use with people who cannot vocalize their own messages.

While using Co-VidSpeak, it can help relay understanding, feelings, or insights if you use the reaction options within the program.

Keyboard Messages

You can use the keyboard of your device to type a message to your communication partner.  Set your cursor in the Co-VidSpeak display screen and begin to type.  This option allows you to clarify, react, discuss, or address any communication taking place with your partner.

Reaction Buttons (Emojis)

Co-VidSpeak also offers the use of reaction buttons to display your feelings, ideas, or insights about a particular communication.  Hit the "react" button on the left of your Co-VidSpeak screen to select a reaction emoji which will be displayed on the screen of your communication partner.  You will also see any selected reaction buttons at the top of your display window.  

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