How do I start a Co-VidSpeak session?

Co-VidSpeak is a communication program that uses speech buttons combined with video to share messages with a person over the internet.

When you want to start a session with another person, start by going to the Co-VidSpeak website at

Once on the site, scroll down to the room options as seen in the image below.

Practice Room

To get to know the program functions and options you can try a practice room at any time.  Hit the "try a practice room" button to enter a room to practice using Co-VidSpeak.  

Demo Room

To try out the program or hold a quick, free communication session you can hit "start a demo room" to begin a session.  A Co-VidSpeak room will open and you can tap the "invite partner" button to share the session link with a partner.

A new window will open with options for sharing the session.  You can copy the session link or QR code and send it via email or as an SMS text to another person.

They will be able to hit the link or scan the code to enter the Co-VidSpeak room with you.

Remember that the communication buttons displayed on your screen will also be displayed on the screen of your partner.  You can select words and phrases by pressing buttons or having your partner look at the appropriate button so you can determine the message they would like to share.  

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