How can I create a layered communication set for Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak allows you to customize your own communication set when you have a personalized join code (see our article on purchasing).  

You can create a custom board set with specific buttons and images which link to secondary boards for more options IF you create a speech board within your CoughDrop account and then share that board with your Co-VidSpeak account.

**NOTE:  Customized communication boards will only be available for use on the device you used to create the custom board.  These changes are saved locally on the device and are NOT available when you enter Co-VidSpeak on a different device.**

Create a Board Within CoughDrop

Begin by creating a speech board within CoughDrop.  You can search for "Co-VidSpeak Template" in the CoughDrop search bar or user this link to reach that board within your account.

Now, make a copy of the template to be used by your account. You may want to rename the board while you are making the copy so that it will note the topic you plan to create for the board. Learn more about copying a speech board in our support article on that topic. 

Once you have your own copy of the Co-VidSpeak board template, open the board in edit mode.  Place the cursor in the button label location and adjust the word or phrase displayed on the button.   CoughDrop will automatically assign a related picture to your speech button, but you can edit the button image and other settings by tapping the button to open the button settings window.  

Customize Your Secondary Speech Board

Once you have created a secondary speech board and linked it to an existing speech button, you can edit that secondary board by tapping the button which would open that secondary board.  Now, open the secondary board in edit mode and adjust the labels and images as needed.  

Note: Be sure to leave the board size set to the same number of buttons so that your new board will be usable in Co-VidSpeak. 

Add Your CoughDrop Board Template to Co-VidSpeak

When your CoughDrop board template is ready, you can link it to your Co-VidSpeak login by hitting the "load" button within Co-VidSpeak.  Copy the URL for your CoughDrop board from your web browser and then paste that URL into the field on the Co-VidSpeak load page as seen here:


This video will also show you how to complete this process:  Add a CoughDrop board to Co-VidSpeak


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