How do I choose a speech template in Co-VidSpeak?

The Co-VidSpeak program offers several built-in vocabulary options for use in communication.  

When you first open the program for speech you will need to enter a join code.  Look for our support article on that topic for more information.

Once you have joined a room, you can customize the speech options available during your session.  A default set of options will come up when you enter the room as seen below.

To change the button options available during the session, hit the "load" button from the menu on the left of the screen.  This will open a new window displaying communication options for your session.

The most popular board options will be shown first, but you can hit the "more" button to display additional available layouts.

You can adjust your "preferred" speech layouts by moving them up and down in your list using the arrows.  

Select a board by tapping on the board name.  This will load that board layout onto the screen so that you can use it to communicate with your partner.

You can create a custom speech set by hitting the "customize" button on the left of the screen.  
As you open the customization window, you can select the button layout of your communication set and then adjust the button labels.  Move your cursor into the displayed label and then adjust the label as needed.

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