How do I apply a gift code to purchase CoughDrop?

Create a Free CoughDrop Account

If you have received a gift code to apply toward the purchase of a CoughDrop account, you can apply that code to any account which has been created.

If you have not yet created a CoughDrop account, you can do that through our website. Register for a free 2-month trial and then log in to that account.

Apply Gift Code to an Existing Account

To apply a gift code to a CoughDrop account, you will first need to log in using your CoughDrop username and password.


Once you have entered the account to which you want to apply the gift code, open the drop-down menu under "more" in the top left corner of the screen and select "my account."

On your account page, select "billing" from the options on the left of the screen.  

On the "billing" page, hit the button to update your billing settings.

You will now see a box containing several purchase options.  You can choose to purchase your account as a $6 monthly payment, purchase a lifetime account for $200, or register as a communication supporter donating money toward an account for an AAC user in need.

To apply a gift code to the account you have entered, hit the "I have a gift code" option near the bottom of the purchase window.  This will open a box to allow you to submit a gift code.

Enter your gift code in the box available and hit "check" to verify the code.

If the code is valid, you will see the dollar amount listed on the $200 lifetime purchase option change to $0.  Tap the box to select the lifetime purchase option and then hit "update account" to finalize use of this gift code for the selected account.

Purchase a Gift Code

You can purchase a CoughDrop gift to apply to a CoughDrop account either while logged in to your own account or purchase a gift from the CoughDrop website at


This gift code can be forwarded to a specific user or can be saved and applied at a later time when an AAC account is needed.


To purchase a gift code while logged in to your CoughDrop account, navigate to your account page and select "billing."  Then hit the "purchase as a gift" button near the top of the page.

If you are NOT logged into a CoughDrop account you can still purchase a gift to be applied to an account at a later time.

Once you choose a gift code purchase, you will see a purchase page which will allow you to enter an email address to which the gift code will be sent.  This may be your own email address or the email address of the person to which you would like to  give the code.

You can also choose to include the premium symbols option as part of your purchase if you desire.

The purchase of a gift code will also include 5 years of CoughDrop's cloud-extras features at no additional charge.

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