How do I organize and search my CoughDrop speech boards?

Search Your Own Speech Boards

Within CoughDrop, you can search the speech boards owned by your account using the search window on your account page.  Navigate to your account page by hitting your username on the top left of your dashboard or by selecting "my account" from the drop-down menu in the top right of that screen.



On your account page, enter a keyword from the board title or the label of a button contained on the board you need in the search box and start the search.  Your search results will show under the search window.  


Search CoughDrop's Public Boards

You can search CoughDrop's library of publicly shared boards by using the search window in the taskbar at the top of many CoughDrop screens.  The results from this search will include matching boards from your own account as well as matching boards shared publicly by other CoughDrop users.  


Organize Speech Boards into Board Folders

It can sometimes be a good idea to use the speech board functions within CoughDrop as a folder option to categorize and arrange saved speech boards.

For example, you might create a speech board -- acting as a folder -- containing activity-related speech boards you use within your account.    This could be a compilation of links that take you to speech boards that help in different activities.  Give the board a name including the word "activity."

By searching the word "activity" or looking for the board preview image for that board on your account page you can quickly reach the activity-related board you previously compiled.  



You could create a similar speech board "folder" to contain boards in different langauges, boards made for certain students, or boards used in different classrooms.


Use URLs to organize outside of CoughDrop

Within CoughDrop, each speech board has a unique URL which can be copied, saved, and even shared to help you organize and find desired speech boards.

You could choose to create a spreadsheet or other document containing links to your CoughDrop speech boards if you prefer to organize those boards outside of CoughDrop.

To find the URL for a speech board, open CoughDrop using your web browser by logging into your account at  

Open the desired board to the board actions page by hitting the "i" icon in the top right corner of the board preview image.  



Once on the board actions page, copy the URL from the search engine search bar at the top of the screen.  



Hit "ctrl c" or right-click and select "copy" to copy the URL from the search window.



You can now paste the URL into a spreadsheet or other document to allow you to save the board for later access when needed.  Hit "ctrl v" or right-click and select "paste" to paste the URL into another document.

You can share this URL with others so that they can also quickly reach the board.  Be sure the speech board is categorized as "public" if you are sharing the board with people who cannot access your CoughDrop account.  


Assign Boards to a Category

You can also assign speech boards to a specific category to help organize boards within your account.  To assign a board to a category, first open the board to the board actions page.



Next,  select "board details" from the menu under "more."



Choose "categorize board" from the option at the bottom of the window.



Then enter a category and select whether you'd like any sub-boards linked to this board to also be added to that category.  Then it "categorize board."



To reach that category later, open the "more" menu on your account page and select the category you would like to view.


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