What are some time-saving tips for quick and easy function in CoughDrop?

CoughDrop works hard to be a user-friendly program with features and functions to make it easy to support communication at school, in families, and everywhere else.

Did you know there are several quick actions built into the program to make moving within the app simple and easy?  Learn about these options below.

Auto Populate Images on a Speech Board

When creating a new speech board, you can use the "tab" button on your keyboard to quickly move from the label on one button to the label on the next button.  Just hit "tab" twice.

If you choose this option, CoughDrop will automatically populate your speech button with an image based on the button label you entered.  The image will be selected from your chosen image library.  

While you can tweak and edit images to fit your needs, this is a quick way to populate a full speech board.  

Drag and Drop images onto Speech Buttons

Another fast way to get the right images on your speech board button is to drag and drop images from your device files or from the internet.  Just hold down your mouse cursor to grab the image then drag it into the CoughDrop app and release it in the "button settings" window.  

The drag and drop option does not work when editing speech boards on an iPad, tablet or phone.  

Quick Action Dashboard Buttons

CoughDrop has several built-in quick action buttons that can help you as you navigate the CoughDrop program.

To reach your account page from your dashboard you can, of course, select "my account" from the drop down menu.  However, you can also just hit your username in the top left of your dashboard to go straight to your account page.

In addition, you can hit the CoughDrop icon in the upper left corner of many CoughDrop screens to return to your dashboard page from any other page in your account.

Dashboard Connection to Edit Your Home Board

To quickly reach your home board on the "board actions" page so you can edit the board, you can hit the home board link on the left of your dashboard page or select the "current home board" link under your "boards" heading.

My Board Search Feature

If you are trying to locate a speech board that is owned by your account, you can use the search option on your account page to help you find that board.  

Hit the "i" icon in the corner of the board to preview the board and be sure it is the one you are looking for then select "board actions" to go to the page where you can edit the board or select "try this board" to enter speak mode.

Public Board Search Feature

You can also search CoughDrop's library of public boards which have been created and shared by other CoughDrop users.  Search for boards about jokes, the Olympics, football, Star Wars, animal sounds, music, and more.  

Search results will show public boards available that relate to your search as well as boards within your own account that match your search.

Getting Started with AAC Kit

Just getting started with AAC?  This simple starter kit gives you definitions of AAC words, activities, games, modeling ideas, insights, and more to help you be successful.  

AAC Quick Start Kit

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