How can I use CoughDrop's vocalization box-sentence composition features in speak mode?

CoughDrop is a powerful communication tool that supports users, families and teams.  CoughDrop speak mode has some incredible features that make it even easier to stay connected with people, keep your communications quickly available, and make adjustments when a message isn't just right.

Take a Quick Tour of CoughDrop's vocalization box options

Two Way Messaging

You have always been able to share a speak mode message on Facebook, Twitter, or as a link which can be pasted into an email or text but now CoughDrop has made it possible to add a contact so you can text their cell phone straight from CoughDrop's speak mode.

Once you add a contact on your profile page you can then compose a message and choose to share it with your contact.  They will receive the message as a text and will also receive a link that they can use to respond to your message.  Their response will show as an alert in your vocalization box menu. 


Quick Phrases & Journal Entries

You can use CoughDrop speak mode to compose sentences and messages which you can share for future use or as a record like a journal.  Put together your phrases, ideas, stories, or presentations and use CoughDrop's "phrases" option in speak mode to save them for quick use later or for your own personal record.  

Hold My Thoughts & Words

Sometimes you need to pause while composing a phrase or idea to answer a question or share some specific information.  CoughDrop's speak mode has an option to allow you to hold your current composition while you share a side message then come back to your original words.  


Repair or Adjust the Message

There are times when a person might need to repair his or her speak mode message.  Maybe the words were added in the wrong order.  Maybe a teacher wants to model how to complete a sentence around a selected noun.  Maybe you just want to add something to your phrase.  You can do that with the CoughDrop AAC repair feature.  


Flip the Text

Sometimes you need a person to be able to read your AAC message and the flip text feature allows you to show the message to someone else without having to turn the device.  


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