How do I control the 'click' sound when I press a connected button?

When you hit a CoughDrop button which connects to a secondary speech board the program can be set to make  "clicking" sound to help verify that an action is being taken.  Some users benefit from this indicator, but for some users it is not a good fit and can be a distraction.

You can adjust your preferences to either allow this "click" or disable it to fit the needs of your AAC user or your own preferences.

Open Your Preferences Page

To adjust this setting, first open your preferences page.  You can do this by selecting "preferences" from the menu under your username in the top right corner of your CoughDrop screen OR by selecting "preferences from the menu on your account page.  

On your preferences page hit the button which reads "more options" to open all the options for each heading.

Locate & Adjust the Setting

Under the heading "on select" look for the option which reads "make a clicking sound when hitting unspoken buttons."  Check or un-check the box next to that option.

Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the preferences page before you leave the page.

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