How can I set different levels to my speech board set?

CoughDrop allows users to adjust the level of Quick Core communication boards to fit the needs of their communicator.  Each level hides or shows additional speech buttons to make a board set less overwhelming and easier to learn while still preserving the motor plan by maintaining the position of each button no matter the level chosen.

Select a Quick Core Board Set

In order to use the "levels" feature, you will need to select a Quick Core board set within your CoughDrop account.  

CoughDrop offers three Quick Core choices which are built into the program.

Quick Core 24 holds 600+ words all accessible in 1-3 button presses with 24 buttons per page.

Quick Core 60 Holds 2000+ words all accessible in 1-3 button presses with 60 buttons per page.

Quick Core 112 holds 4500+ words all accessible in 1-2 button presses with 112 buttons per page.

One of these boards must be set as your home board OR saved to your sidebar in order to enable the "levels" option for that board.  

If you plan to customize the chosen Quick Core board set with edits and personalized images, words, or buttons you will probably want to make a copy of the board set for your account before you set the level.  


Set a Level on Your Quick Core Home Board

If you want to set a level for a Quick Core board saved as your home board, first hit the home board button on your CoughDrop dashboard.

Next, open the "levels" window and select the desired level.  For each level, you will see information listing the number of available buttons.  

Once you have found an appropriate level, hit the "speak mode" button to enter the board with that level.  This will set the board to that level and entering speak mode at other times will maintain this level setting.  

Set a Level on a Quick Core Board Set Saved to Your Sidebar

**NOTE:  You cannot save the same version of the Quick Core board that is set as your homeboard to your sidebar and have them present different levels.  The two boards will sync and show the same level as they are the same board set.  That board set can only maintain one level setting within the account.**


To set a Quick Core board to your CoughDrop sidebar, first open the board to the board actions page by hitting the "i" icon in the top right corner of the board preview image.  

Now hit the "board actions" button to open the board actions page for this board.  

If you plan to make personalized adjustments to this board set for your user you will want to make a copy of the board set.  See instructions for copying a board.  

From the drop-down menu under "more" select "add to sidebar."  This will open a new window.  Within the options, you will have the ability to set the level you would like for this speech board which will then be saved to your sidebar at the level you have designated.  

You will be able to access this leveled Quick Core speech board by going into speak mode and opening your CoughDrop sidebar.  Learn more about the sidebar function here.

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