What resources does CoughDrop provide to help me support AAC users & teams?

CoughDrop was created with AAC teams in mind.  The program was designed to allow communicators, teachers, therapists, families, and other supporters to work together to build solid communication.

As part of that continued focus, CoughDrop regularly creates FREE content for AAC teams to support and encourage growth.  

Forbes Devices & Supports

The extensive line of AAC devices and products available from Forbes AAC encompasses accessibility options, sizes, and operating systems making customization easy because a communication style is as unique as the user.  Find the device, software, and accessories to craft a tailored communication experience.


Core Communication Workshop

One major support available to al AAC users (whether they use CoughDrop or not) is the Core Communication Workshop.

This tool is a free compilation of activities, books, videos, printables, modeling ideas, and more built on core vocabulary words.  

Core words are the most common words used in language and can be utilized to communicate about nearly any topic or for any need.  They are the building blocks of communication.  (Learn more about core vocabulary here.)

CoughDrop Let's Grow Language Google Classroom

CoughDrop’s Let's Grow Language Classroom is a robust AAC implementation tool that contains eight weeks of learning plans designed to shape routine activities into learning and growing opportunities for emergent communicators. Structured yet engaging activities are also available in each learning plan to extend and supplement language growth beyond routine activities, as well as modeling ideas.

Let's Grow Language AAC Classroom

Free AAC Starter Kit

CoughDrop has put together an AAC Quick Start Kit filled with basic information and activities which can be used by any AAC supporter or group to get communication off on the right foot.

This kit includes:

  • An AAC implementation guide with 9 essential, research-supported steps to lead you to successful AAC usage and growth.
  • A list of AAC terms and definitions to help everyone understand AAC language.
  • "I Will" statements for each AAC supporter helping to define their role.
  • A compilation of important online AAC resources.
  • Monthly modeling calendars to support core vocabulary words.
  • Great AAC oriented games and activities to engage communicators and encourage learning.

Communication Partner Self-Reflection

This resource helps supporters and teams evaluate their interactions and support of AAC communicators in a number of areas to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.  Complete the form as a group or individually and use it to help navigate current situations and plan for future support of AAC users.  

Communnication Partner Self-Reflection

This resource is NOT intended to make anyone feel guilty or ineffective.  Rather it is meant to encourage conversation, observation, and intention when working with AAC communicators.

AAC-Focused Monthly Goals

To help AAC supporters and teams advance down the path of progress, we've put together an AAC goal-tracking sheet with a number of manageable communication objectives that your team can tackle one by one.  

AAC Modeling at Home Kit from CoughDrop

Because the home is such an influential place for language learning, CoughDrop aims to help families and supporters capitalize on quick, recurring communication chances to take advantage of highly motivating speech moments.

CoughDrop AAC Blog & Community Supports

CoughDrop maintains an AAC-focused blog loaded with ideas, activities, articles, and information about everything AAC.  We regularly invite AAC users, professionals, and supporters to share their insights with the AAC community through posts and we love to highlight all things communication. 


AAC in the Cloud

Every summer, CoughDrop runs a FREE AAC-focused, online conference with presenters from around the world called AAC in the Cloud.  Topics include anything from AAC at home, AAC in the classroom, reading options, autonomy for AAC users, and SO MUCH MORE.  

View the sessions live each June, and watch them through our website any time.


Printable Posters

CoughDrop has also created several printable posters which can be used in classrooms, therapy rooms, and family rooms to support communicators and supporters working with AAC.

Hit the link below an image to reach a printable and shareable version of the poster.

Find a file of printable AAC posters here, or click on individual links to reach that specific resource.  

Activities & Fun

Some additional resources can be used for games, learning activities, and to share the message of AAC in a fun and unique way.  Find those in the links below.

AAC Monster Mash Up game (for modeling core vocabulary & fun)

Good Luck

While all the resources in the world can't take the place of you, a dedicated communication partner, we hope these will make the work a little bit easier and maybe a little bit more fun.  

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