How do I download Windows voices for use in the CoughDrop Windows app?

Windows Voices

CoughDrop accounts can select a voice from the available voices on the device being used for AAC or if it is a paid account they can also use a premium voice to speak.  

When using the Windows version of the CoughDrop app there are often only two or three built-in free voices available.  However, Windows does offer additional voices on many of their devices which can be downloaded and used within CoughDrop on the Windows app.

**PLEASE NOTE**  This option will ONLY work for languages in the Windows app, it will not work for languages in a web browser or on another device.

Open the Settings Page

To find additional text-to-speak voice options you will first need to open the settings page of your Windows device.  Then select "time and language" from the menu.


Next, choose "region and language" from the list on the left of the screen.



Under the heading "languages" hit the "add language button to add a new language.



While there will be many language options displayed, only languages which offer the "text-to-speech" option will function as a spoken language within CoughDrop or other apps which utilize text-to-speech.  Look for the text-to-speech icon as shown in this image.



Once you have downloaded the language pack for your desired language, you can then set that language to be recognized as a speech option so that you can select it within your CoughDrop account on your Windows device.

Select a Speech Language

Once you have downloaded the language pack you will need to set your desired language as an option for your device.  To do this, select "speech" from the menu on the left of your screen. 



Under the "speech language" heading open the drop-down menu and select the language you would like to use.



Finally, under the "text-to-speech" heading open the drop-down menu and select the voice you would like to add to your device.  



You can preview the voice selected by hitting the "preview voice" button below the voice selection box.

Some devices delineate a mobile and desktop version of these voices.  If that is the case be aware that only the desktop version of the voice will function within CoughDrop.

Set the Voice in CoughDrop

Once you have downloaded the chosen voice onto your device you will need to select that voice within your CoughDrop account.  (This support article can walk you through the process.)

To do this, open your "preferences" page by selecting "preferences" from the drop-down menu under your user icon in the top right corner of your dashboard screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the "device preferences" section.  Then find the heading "voice" and open the menu.  You can now select your new voice from the menu.  Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the preferences screen.  

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