How do I add PCS (Boardmaker), LessonPix, & SymbolStix symbols to my CoughDrop account?

Premium Symbol Add-on

In a partnership with Picture Communication Symbols (PCS, creators of Boardmaker images), LessonPix, and SymbolStix, CoughDrop offers users the option to add PCS, LessonPix, & SymbolStix graphics to their CoughDrop image library.

These symbols can be added to any CoughDrop account whether it is a paid user account or a free supporter account.  The premium symbol add-on can be accessed at a cost of $25 per account.

If a paid communicator account has purchased the premium symbols add-on but their CoughDrop supervisor has not, the supervisor will be able to view the premium images from their own account for use in the student account but will not be able to use premium images on their own speech boards.  The supervisor will NOT be able to search for premium images even to use for the communicator unless he or she has also purchased the premium symbols add-on.  These images are ONLY available when logged in on the account which has purchased the add-on.

Any boards which hold premium images that are shared with another user who has not purchased the premium symbols add-on will revert to CoughDrop's default OpenSymbols images for that shared user.  The images on the original board will not be affected. 

Purchasing the PCS Add-on

To purchase access to PCS symbols on your CoughDrop account, first open to your CoughDrop account page.

Then select "billing" from the menu on the left of your account page.

Then hit the button which reads "purchase premium symbols."

Finally, hit the "purchase" option and input your payment information for this add-on.  

Once your purchase has been made, you will be able to access PCS symbols on your CoughDrop account.  You can add these symbols to speech boards and buttons as needed.

Change All Symbols to PCS images

Once you have purchased the PCS add on you can quickly alter ALL the images on a specific board set to PCS images using CoughDrop's "image swap" feature.  Learn more about image swap in our support article here.

Change individual symbols to PCS images

To change individual symbols on a speech board to show PCS images you can open the desired board in "edit mode," tap the button you would like to alter to open the "button settings" window and then select "picture" from the menu on the left.  Under the "library" heading open the drop-down menu and select "PCS Symbols."  Now search for a graphic and PCS images which match your search will be displayed.

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