Is CoughDrop a research-based AAC program?

The CoughDrop app is loaded with powerful communication tools and amazing cloud extra features, but there is even more strength behind the program than usability and function.  CoughDrop is built on solid research and best practices relating to augmentative communication.  



It’s no secret that augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can greatly expand a person’s opportunities for communication.  When a person cannot speak verbally, AAC can fill the gap.  CoughDrop is glad to be part of that communication solution.

But CoughDrop is more than just a set of icons and voice options thrown together to make a device say words.  CoughDrop’s functions are based on scholarly research, evidence-based practice, guidance from experienced AAC communicators, and the insight of dozens of speech and language specialists. CoughDrop’s robust language solutions have been built to fit the needs of AAC communicators and the requirements of speech professionals.

Following are several research-based articles highlighting needs in the world of AAC which are addressed by CoughDrop’s AAC solutions.

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