How do I keep from leaving CoughDrop on an Android device?

On Android devices with a Lollipop or newer operating system you can use the screen pinning feature to lock the device screen on a particular app.  This means a CoughDrop user will not be able to navigate away from the CoughDrop app.

Enable Screen Pinning

The screen pinning feature is turned off by default so you will need to enable the function before you can use it.  You only need to enable screen pinning once and you can then pin and unpin apps as needed on your screen.  You can also disable the screen pinning option if desired.

First, open your device settings and then select lock screen and security.  

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit other security settings.

Now, in the advanced section select pin window.

Finally, turn on the switch.

You can also choose to enable a setting that will require a particular set of button presses in order to release the pinned app.

Pin the CoughDrop App

To pin the CoughDrop app and keep your communicator on the AAC options rather than moving to other apps, first open the CoughDrop app.

Next, open the app overview button which shows you all the apps currently open on your device.  You will see a pin icon in the bottom right corner of the app previews.  Hit that pin on the app you would like to screen pin.  

Last of all, read the pin window message and then select start.  

Exit Screen Pinning

When you want to exit the pinned screen hit your home button and instructions will appear to help you unlock the screen.  Normally, this action will be to hold down two keys at the same time (like the recent and back key on either side of the home button).

Remember that you can disable the screen pinning option in your settings if it becomes an issue.

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