What are CoughDrop rooms and how can I use them?

Within CoughDrop's org management tool you can designate different rooms which pair supervisors with specific communicators for work and support with AAC.  

While these "rooms" could be designated by physical classes, they do not have to be.  They could constitute a therapy group, the caseload of a specific teacher or therapist, or a group working on a specific goal.

CoughDrop Org Rooms

Within an organization, you can create "rooms" and assign specific communicators and supervisors to these groups.  

Each room is populated with users from the org that belong to that specified group.  This could include teachers, therapists, aides, parents, communicators, or any other person with a CoughDrop account.

Supervisors and communicators can be easily added or removed from a group as assignments and needs change.  It is also possible for users to be part of more than one group.

Group reports and data

While CoughDrop logs, data, and reports can be used to track individual AAC communication on an account, using the rooms feature it is also possible to track usage, communication, and goals for a composed group.  

Rooms make it easy for organization managers and administrators to view progress, organize groups, and adjust caseloads for supervisors and communicators within their organization.

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