What is CoughDrop's org management feature?

CoughDrop has a built-in organization management feature which allows schools and groups to manage multiple AAC communicators, teachers, therapists, and other supporters.  

What can the org management tool do?

CoughDrop's org management tool can help you get an overview of your AAC group and track usage, user information, and more.  This tool can:

  • sort users by account type (manager, supervisor, communicator)
  • track your purchased licenses and see how many are available 
  • see whether communicators in the group are sponsored or unsponsored
  • designate a specific home board to automatically be assigned to all communicators in the org (this can be turned off or adjusted by account)
  • view logs, usage, and reports for specific communicators
  • assign communicators and supervisors to a room for easy organization and data tracking by group
  • create new user accounts
  • reset user passwords
  • quickly re-arrange supervisors and communicators when classes or groups change 
  • view communicator goals
  • set communicator goals which can be tracked by CoughDrop or managed by supervisors
  • and much more

Take a Tour

Take a tour of the organization management feature and get a feel for how it can benefit your group in our YouTube video here:  CoughDrop Tool for AAC Organizations, Schools, & Groups.

Set it up!

To create an organization for your group, contact a CoughDrop directly.  We would be more than happy to help you get things going so that you can benefit from this incredible feature.

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