How can I change ALL the images on a speech board or board set?

CoughDrop allows users to change all of the images on a speech board at one time to a selected image library.  This makes it quick and easy to adjust speech board images to match the graphics style of your choice.

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Available Image Libraries

CoughDrop makes it possible for users to access multiple image libraries to find pictures for use on CoughDrop speech boards.  These libraries include:

  • ArasAAC 
  • Sclera (high contrast)
  • Mulberry
  • Tawasol
  • the Noun Project
  • Pixabay  

You can also choose to access LessonPix or Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) images if you have subscribed to these accounts.

Swap Images

To change all of the images on a particular speech board to match your desired image library, first be sure you have your own copy of the speech board.  If you have created the board, you are the owner of that board and can adjust it however you like.

If you want to adjust a pre-made speech board you have found within CoughDrop, you first need to make your own copy of that board.  You can learn more about copying a speech board in the article here.

Once you have your own copy of the speech board, open the board actions page for this speech board.  You can do this by hitting the "i" icon in the top right corner of the board shortcut image 

OR by opening the board in speak mode and then hitting "exit speak mode" from the drop-down menu.

Once on the board actions page, open the drop-down menu under more and select "board details."

A new window will open displaying the board details for this speech board.  Hit the "swap images" button to begin the image change.  

Select the image library you would like to use from the library menu then hit the "swap images" button.  This will alter all of the images on this speech board to match the image library you selected.

Selecting Boards for Image Swap

When swapping images on a board which links to other boards you will have the option to select all of the linked boards or only some of the boards within the board set for image adjustment.  Just check the box next to the boards on which you would like to alter the images.

Adjust Individual Images

You can always adjust individual images on a speech board by hitting the "edit board" button at the top of the page and then tapping the specific button you want to change.  This will open the button settings window.  You can then change the image on that button by selecting "picture" from the menu on the left.

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