How can I add my own audio to a speech button?

Add Sounds and Recording

CoughDrop allows you to add your own sounds, speech, or recording to speech buttons which will play when the button is pressed while in speak mode.  This can be helpful if you want to preserve a person's voice or when you need a board with sounds other than spoken words like a board full of sound effects , this everyday sounds board or even this piano and music board.

Record a Sound

Using CoughDrop you can record a sound, word, or phrase to be played when a speech button is pressed.

To record a sound using your device first log in to CoughDrop and then navigate to the board you want to edit.  Hit "edit" from the options in the menu.

Once in edit mode, tap the button you want to edit to open the button settings window and then select "sound."

Finally, hit the microphone button to the right of the "speak" box.  

You can then use the recording tool to record a word, sound, or phrase which will be attached to this speech button.

Find Recordings

You can find a list of all your CoughDrop recordings later by going to your account page.  You can select "my account" from the drop down menu under your username or you can hit your username in the upper left corner of your dashboard to reach your account page.

Once there, select "recordings" from the menu on the left.  This will take you to a log of all your account recordings.

You can also hit the "browse stored audio" button in the button settings window while in edit mode to reach a list of available stored audio which can be quickly added to a speech button.

Upload Audio

If you have pre-recorded audio or an audio file you would like to add to a speech button you can do that by hitting the "cloud" icon in the button settings window while in edit mode.

This will open a the device files and allow you to select a saved audio file and add it to the speech button.  You can download audio files online and later add them to speech buttons when needed.

Storage for Files

Be aware that stored audio files do take up space on your device which can quickly fill.  Devices which are loaded with many saved files may run more slowly or take longer to move from one button to another.  

If you plan to use speech buttons containing audio files while you are NOT connected to the internet be sure that you sync the device you plan to use before you leave internet connectivity so that the files will be saved locally on the device and can be accessed while offline.

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